Arizona Outdoor Adventures

Young people today are in desperate need of high quality, safe and wholesome activities. The mission of Arizona Outdoor Adventures is to affirm, enrich and positively impact children through the outdoors and all its associated activities.

For over 25 years AOA has been serving children ages 8-14 who have never had the opportunity to experience the peace and quiet of nature, but often spend the long, hot summer in the city where idleness and boredom can lead to destructive choices.

We partner with established youth organizations who will bring 8-10 children for a 3-5 day outdoor adventure. AOA provides the tent camps which are situated in the breathtaking back country of Arizona’s White Mountains. All camping equipment, food and necessary licenses are supplied at no charge. Activities include fishing, hiking, backpacking, outdoor cooking and campfire time, to name a few. A series of camps are provided from May through October of each year.

“…thank you for inviting us to camp. I hope you can invite us again. I really enjoy going to camp. Please invite us again one more time. Thank you. Invite us again…”
– From Odette

Through campfire talks and during those “teachable moments” while fishing or hiking, AOA works to educate children about:

  • Respect for the outdoors and other people
  • Making constructive, not destructive, choices for their lives
  • Responsibility and cooperation with their family and others in authority
  • Adult role models who care about them and will help them achieve their dreams and enjoy life
These organizations have partnered with and/or are continuing partners with Arizona Outdoor Adventures in providing healthy outdoor activities for boys and girls.
  • Family Wellness
  • One on One Partners
  • Matchpoint
  • Estrella Charter School
  • Moon Valley Baseball
  • Helping Hands
  • U.M.O.M.
  • Gangs to Jobs
  • Town of Guadalupe
  • Camp Encouragement
  • The Neighborhood Center
  • The Creighton School District
  • The Creighton Girls Club
  • Girls Scouts of Sierra Vista
  • The Catholic Diocese
  • Imago Dei Church
  • Pure Heart Church
  • East Valley Boys and Girls Club
  • Guthrie Mainstream
  • Into the Wild Outdoors
  • Durango Juvenile Facility
  • Round Valley Boys and Girls Club
  • Crossroads Youth Intervention
  • Son Life Church
  • Heart for the City
  • Broken Vessels
  • Maricopa County
  • Chandler Parks and Recreation
  • The Fallen Outdoors
  • Other camps with no organizational ties

Dan Priest Inducted Into Arizona’s Outdoor Hall of Fame

Scottsdale, AZ – August 2015

In the summer of 2015, Dan Priest was inducted into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame at the 18th annual Hall of Fame Banquet by Wildlife for Tomorrow. Inducted along side him, Senator John McCain, Audubon Arizona, Jim O’Haco, and John W. Harris. This award is highly esteemed and signifies outstanding contributions to Arizona’s wildlife resources. Watch the short video below highlighting Dan and his contributions over the years!

Thank you again for your big heart. The girls really had fun…So many of them don’t have the love they need in their homes…Thank you again!

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