Wallow Fire Property List

Wallow Fire Loss
Arizona Outdoor Adventures
June, 2011

Tents and associated supplies:

18 X 16 custom canvas cook tent
– 1″ steel frame and fittings

10 X 12 custom canvas wall tent
– metal frame and fittings
– 8X10 floor carpets (4)

8 X 10 custom canvas wall tent
– metal frame and fittings
– 8X10 floor carpets (4)

8 X 10 Eureka A-frame tents (4)
– metal frames
– 8X10 floor carpets (4)

10 X 10 Coleman dome tent
– fiberglass frame
– 8X10 floor carpets (4)

10 X 10 Cabela’s dome tent (2)
– fiberglass frame
– 8X10 floor carpets (2)

12 inch spike stakes for tents – 150
24 inch bungee cords for tent/tarp stakes – 220
Ball bungees for cook tent and misc – 300


12 X30 camo tarp (2)
16X20 camo tarp
14X20 camo tarp (2)
14X16 camo tarp (2)
Extra new tarps: 14X20 camo tarps (4)
18 gallon storage containers (3) – stakes, ropes, bungee cords, hammers (3) and mallets (2), washers, tent fittings, grommet kits, tie wire rolls, pipe cutters


2X4 Lifetime fiberglass tables (6)
2X4 adjustable height Lifetime fiberglass table (1)
18″X 36″ adjustable folding table (1)
2X4 steel frame table (2)
Portable card tables (3)

Cook tent contents:

30,000 btu two-burner stove
Coleman 2 burner camp stove
Two canvas 3-shelf units with storage bags (2-gal, gallon, sandwich), teas, coffees, rags,
alum foil, sugar, creams, disposable gloves, duct tape, electrical tape, butcher knives,
kids drink mixes, etc.
36 gallon clear storage box with paper plates, Styrofoam cups, plastic cups, paper
bowls, plastic eating utensils
36 gallon clear storage box with cake mixes, flour, sugar, first aid kit, 3 recipe books,
games, 2 AOA banners (RCs)
36 gallon storage container with paper plates, bowls, cups, utensils to replenish
tabletop container
36 gallon storage container of breakfast cereals
18 gallon storage container large size (1) and medium size (2) iron skillets
18 gallon storage containers (2) with stock pots, saucepans(2), disposable aluminum pans,
and 12cup coffee pots (4)
18 gallon storage containers:
– canned goods (2)
– nonperishable food items such as macaroni/cheese, pancake mixes, syrup, crackers,
soda cans, bread, candy, parmesan cheese, pasta etc. (4)
Large drawer of cooking utensils
Large drawer of spices, measuring spoons
2 wood cuttig boards, 1 plastic cutting board, 6 potholder
4 Coleman X-treme 70 qt ice chests
1 Igloo Marine 70 qt ice chest
First aid kit
Children’s tylenol, ibuprofen, antacid, Benadryl anti-itch sticks

Fishing gear and tackle:

– Shimano spinning outfits (5)
– Zebco 33s rods/reels (25)
Tackle box with knives, clippers, pliers, hooks, sinkers, line, lures, flies, bobbers,
lubricants, and misc fishing tackle
Bag of exra reels (6) and parts for reels
Tackle bag with power bait (approx 4 doz bottles)
3 rod cases

Other camping equipment/supplies:

7-gallon water containers (6)
Case of 1 lb propane cyliners (3)
24 bottled water case (2)
Folding camp directors chairs (2) – one with side table
Grill (salvaged)
Dutch oven table (salvaged)
2 dutch ovens (salvaged)
Dutch oven lid holders, tongs, leather gloves
Charcoal chimney(1)
Cloth wraps for lanterns and fragile equipment (25) towels
4 large action packers
Large action packer containing 5 propane lanterns and packages of mantles
Coleman propane lanterns hanging (5)
Wood splitter
Two spades
20 lb propane cylinders (4)
Buddy portable heater (sm) (2)
Mr. Heater 8,000-14,000 btu (5)
Large Coleman battery lanterns (3)
Smaller battery lanterns (5)
Large bag of mouse and rat traps
Chemical toilet (largest available)
1 gallon chemical toilet
Loo bucket
18 gal storage containers(2) with insect bite medicine, insect repellant,
books re outdoor wildlife, misc toiletries
Large canvas tarp for trailer
18 gal storage containers (2) of personal clothes, insulated coveralls, 3 sets rain gear,
ponchos, personal toiletries and gear (Dan)
New pair Danner boots
18 gal storage container of boots, waders, large clippers
Satellite radio
CD player/radio
357 magnum pistol
20 gallon storage containers (2) of personal clothes, camo Cabelas rain jacket,
camo insulated coveralls, fleece camo jacket, and misc camo jeans and
shirts, and heavy-duty camo poncho (Joanne)

Sleeping bags, pads, etc:

Custom tempedic mattresses (sleeping bag size) (2)
Nova-form gel pad for mattresses (2)
40″, -20 degree custom sleeping bags (3)
18″X36″ duffle bag with xtra pillows and blankets
Fleece sleeping bag liners (4)
Wool blankets (2)

In truck camper and back seat:

Garmin GPS
Bull pack heavy duty frame
Bow saws (2)
Wyoming saw in leather case (2)
18 gal storage container of supplies (2) (dayboxes) – lightweight 2-burner camp stove,
coffee pot, backpack pot/pan kit, plastic utensils
18 gal storage container of nonperishable food items (freeze-dried dinners etc.)
18 gal storage container of kids educational items, i.e. elk, turkey, varmint calls,
binoculars, fishing/fish books etc., DVD player with videos
18 gal storage container of target shooting supplies (ear protection, targets, bullets)
18 gal storage container of video tapes for camera, xtra battery, tripod, manual, USB,
and manuals for chainsaw, guns
18 gal storage container of topo, BLM, forest maps (collected over 50 years)
Camo folding camp stools (6)
Daypacks (6)
High quality, Nikon 840 binoculars
Toolbox with misc tools hacksaw blades, nuts, bolts, washers, vice grips,channel locks,
pipe wrench, pipe cutter
Battery-operated air compressor
First aid kit
Tow strap (2)


1994 GMC 4×4 truck with steel framed, insulated shell camper with rack. New tires
with two spares on rack , high-lift jack in top rack, customized work


1982 CJ5 jeep with tow bar, spare tire, roll bar, custom work, binoculars in console

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